In the period 9-13.11.2017, students of the "METIRI" Scientific Association of Geodesy and Cartography in cooperation with the "EQUATOR" Geodetic Scientific Association (University of Life Sciences in Lublin) performed measurements of the "Dziura" Cave in the Tatra National Park (TNP) with the ground laser scanning technology.

On 6th December, the Maritime University Swimming Championships were held at the university swimming pool. Over 80 students competed in the categories of women and men at the distance of 50 m in backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.  

We are pleased to inform that our quarterly, the Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin, has been indexed in the Web of ScienceTM  Core Collection Emerging Sources Citation Index Backfile database (ESCI Backfile) – an archive of the ESCI  database where the SJ were included in the previous year.

In the period 9-11 October, the 3rd Scientific and Technical Conference entitled "New directions of research in environmental protection and shaping as well as geodesy and spatial management" was held at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin.

The 11th edition of the unique event, organised for over 10 years by students of the Maritime University of Szczecin, is over. The 11th Transport and Logistics Symposium "SeaPoint" was held in the period 23-24 November. 

On 22.11.2017, a drone and laser scanner presentation organised on the occasion of the Technology Days was held in the Upper Secondary School Complex in Kalisz Pomorski.

On 23 November, the rowing machine championships, which are traditionally organised by our University, were held in the sports hall in Wały Chrobrego. The competition started with the opening celebration led by the Vice Rector for Teaching, Agnieszka Deja, PhD. Eng., who had performed the function of the President of the Maritime University of Szczecin Club of the Academic Sport Association for a week. 

The first competitiors were the students from the Julian Tuwim Upbringing and Educational Centre for children with hearing impairments in Szczecin. There were 4 series in the categories of female and male junior students. 

Here are the best contestants: 
Junior female students 300m: 
1st place Monika Dylon – 1:10,5
2nd place Julia Gapska – 1:13,6 
3rd place Julia Urbaniak – 1:17,9 
Junior male students 500m: 
1st place Damian Szyszkowski – 1:39,7 
2nd place Jakub Jackiewicz – 1:40,7 
3rd place Gabriel Rudzik – 1:45,0

The subsequent races were included in the category of senior students associated in the rowing section. Here are the results of women and men at the distance of 500m: 
1st place Renata Balcerczyk – 1:58,3 
2nd place Magdalena Thiel – 2:01,5 
3rd place Dorota Nikiel – 2:13,8 

1st place Sebastian Rędzikowski – 1:32,7 
2nd place Grzegorz Bębenek – 1:35,4 
3rd place Jakub Wybieralski – 1:36,2

The best ones in the category of MUS employees at the distance of 500 m turned out to be: 
in the category  of women Izabela Kamińska – 1:52,6 
in the category of men Mariusz Nurnberg – 1:35,6

The final rivals were students of the rowing section "Rowing Crew”. Here are the results at the distance of 1000m: 
senior female students light weight: 
1st place Małgorzata Filipzik – 4:06,6 
2nd place Monika Kłos – 4:09,2 
3rd place Kinga Okoń – 4:10,7 

senior male students light weight: 
1st place Krzysztof Dziubek – 3:18,6 
2nd place Max Ruciński – 3:28,9 
3rd place Bartosz Andrałojć – 3:32,5 

senior female students open weight: 
1st place Karolina Woźniak – 3:49,1 
2nd place Kamila Smolarek – 4:11,3 
3rd place Paulina Radka – 4:18,3 

senior male students open weight: 
1st place Michał Sobanda – 3:01,2 
2nd place Szymon Gardziejewski – 3:09,0 
3rd place Eryk Stański – 3:15,1 

We would like to thank the Vice Dean, Zbigniew Szozda, for attending the competition and handing in medals and prizes as well as all the spectators for their great support. Our congratulations to the contestants for their results. 
The Maritime University of Szczecin Club of the Academic Sport Association

We are pleased to announce that following the decision of 17th November 2017 of the Index Copernicus International Scientific Evaluation Team, the publishing quality of the Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin has been evaluated as higher which is expressed by the ICV 2016 index of 90.35.
Let's meet on 23rd and 24th November 2017 r.

The Maritime University of Szczecin received the representatives of the Committee of Transport of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The meeting of the committee was honoured with the presence of the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Marek Gróbarczyk. 

On 25.10.2017, the Choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin conducted by Sylwia Fabiańczyk-Makuch, PhD. took part in the opening ceremony of the 2nd Transport Ministers' Meeting (TMM) as well as the Central-Eastern Europe and China Business Forum held in the National Stadium in Warsaw.

Like every year, also this summer, the Marine Rescue Training Centre conducted a (recently finished) training for newly admitted students of the Maritime University of Szczecin - the young people finished the so called "candidates' training". The candidates' training, which started already in the second half of July, lasted until 22nd September and, traditionally, was a period of intensive work both for the administration and the teachers responsible for the course.

On 16th October, we celebrate the European Restart a Heart Day. It is on this occasion that the Polish Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation organises, every mid October, the annual attempt to break the record in simultaneous cardiopulmonary resuscitation performed by the largest possible number of people.

ENEA Operator sp. z o.o. and Maritime University of Szczecin took a decision on their cooperation as a part of innovative as well as research and development undertakings.

Traditionally, the academic year began with an official ceremony - the Saturday matriculation of students at the foot of Wały Chrobrego and a solemn but intimate roll-call by the Monument in memory of Those who were lost at sea in the Central Cemetery in Szczecin.